Internal Audit Department/

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Bilyaminu Abdullahi (Director)


Internal Audit Department
This department ensures that transparency, accountability and due process are strictly adhered to in the running of fairs of SUBEB. And because it enjoys autonomy its functions have resulted in improving SUBEB efficiency.

The department has a director and it’s supported by six other staff. Its functions are:

    1. Pre-audit all Vouchers and ensure that:

    a. All payment are duly authorized by the accounting officer

    b. Payments are duly classified and coded

    c. All items duly taken on charge are inspected by the department irrespective of the donor.

    2. Projects inspection: All projects are inspected by the department irrespective of the donor.

    3. Vetting of submissions: prior to grant of approval, submission are routed through internal audit to ensure that specific of items and prices quoted are in accordance with current prevailing market prices.

    4. Test check: the department conducts regular spot check on LEA and board expenditure.

    5. Vetting all Death/retirement and resignation cases.

    6. Periodic Stock taking.

    7. Prepare and arrange for LGEA’s and SUBEB headquarters manpower audit.

    8. Safeguard assets and liabilities

    9. Performing any other assignment as may be directed by the executive chairman

    10. Coordinating audit activities such as external audit, state audit and UBEC financial monitoring. It is noteworthy that prior to 2008, the audit department was a mere unit without clout or recognition; but the Board deemed it appropriate to elevated it to the status of a full internal control mechanism that strengthened transparency and accountability in the operations of the Board.