Administration & Finance Department/

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Audu Garba Dutse, Dan Lawan (Director)


Administration & Finance Department
Matters relating to administration and finance are handled by this department. It’s headed by a director who is supported by 63 other staff and is charged with the following responsibilities:

     General Administration of the Board

     Dealing with Discipline and Promotion of Staff

     Advancement of Staff

     Processing of Retirement and Death Benefit of Staff.

     Processing of Transfer.

     Recruitment of Staff.

     Dealing with Transport.

     Appointment/Posting of Staff

     Preparation of Payment Vouchers.

     Maintenance and updating financial records

     Preparation of Monthly Financial Returns.

     Receiving and Issuing Items

     Raising Local Purchase order (NPO) to Contractors

     Rising Jobbing order.

     Checking and Balancing of all Stocks.

The department also helps in achieving timely release of all funds to the board. It has the following objectives:

     Strengthen the Financial System for SUBEB and LEAs.

     Develop Capacity for individuals to operate the new system for effective service delivery.

     Strengthen the Policy Framework and Guidelines for Devolution of Power and Authority to LEAs and Schools.

     Enhance and Support Appropriate Structures for the participatory Management of Basic Education.

Enhance the Capacity of SUBEB and LEAs to support and maintain the decentralization of strategies.