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Tijjani Aminu Dutse (Director)


Planning Research & Statistics
This department is where general directions arising from informed decisions are taken developed, adopted and fashioned out for implementation as per identified needs. This process ensures that the system works on the basis of relying on empirical data that provides clear guidance to the Board as to how projects and activities are tailored to fit target beneficiary needs.

The department is headed by a director who has 13 other staff supporting him. Below are some of its specific responsibilities:

    +Monitoring of Transition from Primary to Junior Secondary Schools

    +Supporting due process and act as secretariat to SUBEB’s Tender Board.

    +Collating annual Departmental plan periodic Departmental activity report.

    +Coordination the preparation of the SUBEB’s Annual Budget estimate (MTSS).

    +Conducting Research on Basic Education programme in the State. In the area of Monitoring of Learning Achievement (MLA), Teacher Development Needs Assessment (TDNA) and survey

    +Production of Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reports..

    +Facilitating the programmes of International Development partners (IDP’s) intervention on Basic Education such as DFID (ESSPN and TDP), GPE, and World Bank Projects.

The overall function of this Department has gone a long way in providing the Board a sense of direction towards making its aspirations on target. A very good example is in the manner the Board uses the Department’s collected and managed educational data. The annual Education sector performance report (AESPR), through annual evaluation, has proved quite useful to the various activities studied that guide the implementation of the Board’s programs. The records available for the use in this document are largely soured from the department. They include enrolment figures, pupil/textbook ration, gender parity index, teacher/pupil ratio, and others.