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Habu Sule Ado (Director)


Quality Assurance Department
Formally known as School Service Department, this is now renamed quality Assurance Department as result of national paradigm shifts, which sets out to standardize inspection of schools across the nation. Consequently, from 2014 when the nomenclature was changed the department has progressively increased teacher attendance in schools, encouraged the writing of lesson preparations and enhanced the methods of observation of a lesson delivery, benchmarks inspection against syllabus, scheme of work and lesson plan. In other words, quality assurance posture has induced efficiency with which a wide range of schools` inspection inventory is now increasing quality in the manner of teaching.

The quality assurance department, therefore, is the professional arm of SUBEB. It has a Director with the following:

    +Coordinating School Inspections

    +Coordinating Good Implementation of National School Curriculum.

    +Coordinating proper implementation of Guidance and Counselling activities in the Schools and Library affairs.

    +Coordinating Special Education Programme and Private School in the State.

    +Coordinating Proper Implementation of ECCD activity.

    +Coordinating MDG, NTI and COE Programmes.

    +Coordinating School Improvement Programme.

    +Coordinating Federal Teacher Scheme (FTS).

    +Coordinating Arabic and Islamic studies activities

    +Coordinating Junior Secondary Affairs

    +Coordinating Science, Technical and Extra Curriculum activities in Basic Education Schools.

    +Coordinating Primary School Affairs in the State.

The department has indeed enlarged the scope of supervision whereby assessment of school teachers government and community are now regularly carried out with SEIMU reports and UBEC random sampling survey results used as monitoring and evaluation instruments. This robust process has greatly enhanced the quality of Board Services.