Social Mobilization Department/

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Balarabe A. Yusuf (Director)


Social Mobilization Department
The delivery of education services requires community participation, as prime stakeholders in order to promote sustainability. This reason underscores the rational for SUBEB to dedicate a whole department to the course. It is divided into six units under one director. The units the unit are integrated Qur'an Tsangaya Education (IOTE), School Health and Sports, Girls Education (with a gender coordinator overseeing the unit's activities), Public Relations Enlightenment and School-Based Management Committees (SBMCs).
The department handles all programmes relating to community participation in SUBEB activities by means of advocacy, sensitization and mobilisation. Specifically it has the following functions:

    i. Executive of Self-help Projects

    ii. Coordination Qur'an Tsangaya Education Programme

    iii. Activities of School-Based Management committees (SBMCs).

    iv. Public Enlightenment

    v. Coordination of School Health, Sports and Extra-curricular Activities.

    vi. Promoting Inclusive Education.

    vii. Image Making of the Board and Promoting Basic Education.

Perhaps the most compelling duty of this department is to develop a strong system of stakeholder's collaboration to support effective management of quality basic education

The main objectives in doing so are:

    + To Strengthen the framework for stakeholder collaboration, and enhance participation of stakeholders in the management of basic education;

    + Developing capacity for collaboration of all its stakeholders in the provision of basic education and supporting the creation of awareness on the implication of stakeholder participation.