Works Department/

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Balarabe A. Yusuf (Director)


Works Department
This department, headed by a Director, carries out projects’ services delivery jobs in constructions, renovations, repairs and maintenance of structures and facilities.
The guiding principle of the department is the persistence towards providing learner friendly environments for the delivery of quality basic education for all by ensuring that suitable infrastructure are made available and to formidable standard. Indeed, it is the department that support SUBEB in:

    i. Conceptualizing School building/other infrastructures, site plans condition surveys on infrastructures, pre and post project management land acquisition and other related matters thereof.

    ii. Liaising with planning department of the board on data analysis, processing, procurement activities etc.

    iii. Liaising with state due process bureau in conjunction with planning department of the board to establish project rates, valuation, tender process and other procurement activities etc.

    iv. Relating with local international development partners, LGEA and others stakeholders in the development of a conducive learning environment in schools.

    v. Relating with other departments of the Board to achieve the mission and vision of the board.

And carrying out other activities as may be assigned by the Executive Chairman in the direction of attaining the Board’s mission and vision.